Deliberating over Dilnott

The big news in social care was the publication of the Dilnott report on Monday 4 July.  

The Commission on Funding of Care and Support led by Andrew Dilnott was established by the Government last year and was tasked with recommending reforms to the system. Its report offers proposals to simplify social care services and develop greater consistency in funding care across the country.  

I’m pleased that the report has drawn attention to the challenges facing adult social care services but we need to look carefully at the detail of it  to make sure local population needs aren’t lost through an over centralised approach.   

We’ve already made big changes to adult social care in Staffordshire during the past two years because, as the report recognises, the current system is confusing, sometimes unfair and not easily sustainable.

The future of how we pay for and provide adult social care is a great challenge for all of us and the Dilnott report highlights many important issues. We’ll be looking closely at these issues and the financial details as they become clear.

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