Prepared in every single way

Many thanks to all those people that tuned in live to our Cabinet webcast last week. I’m very pleased that almost 200 of you watched as we discussed planning for Staffordshire’s future. The webcasts are a great way for people to keep up to date with the decision making process.

When a major incident occurs, as members of the public we generally don’t think about the efforts that go on behind the scenes to help the situation. Earlier this week I had a very reassuring meeting with the Civil Contingencies Unit, whose main role is to work together with organisations like the police, fire service, PCT and local authorities to ensure that Staffordshire is prepared for a large scale incident. This can be anything from planning for swine flu to a plane crash.

It was very interesting to discover the ins and outs of how each partner has worked together in the past when responding to an emergency such as Lichfield’s flooding last year. I came away feeling assured that Staffordshire is prepared for every eventuality.

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