A fully packed Friday the 13th!

Superstitious types tend to stay indoors on Friday 13th but fortunately I’m not so anxious about this date, which is just as well as I had quite a busy day.  It started with a visit to my local school, which rather than focusing on the supernatural had a pirate theme for the day.

I then went on to Birmingham Airport to witness the opening the new “One Terminal”, which merges the airport’s two terminals into one. This is part of a multi-million pound redevelopment which sees a larger centralised passenger security search area, an enlarged arrivals and onward travel facility, and increased shops, cafes and restaurants. The opening ceremony was performed by the Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond and I’ve invited Philip to come to speak to the council. While we’re supportive of the plans to expand the airport there is considerable opposition amongst us to the high speed rail proposals that Phillip is pushing hard for so this should be a lively debate! I will keep you posted on when this is likely to happen.

I also met Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for a brief chat about how Staffordshire County Council is supporting rural farming by investing £1 million in county farms. I also appeared on the Politics Show to talk about this and you can view again on the BBC iPlayer (the feature starts around 50 minutes in).


The day concluded with a visit to Cannock to see what local MP Aidan Burley is doing with his community one stop shop.

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