Whistlestop tour week

I’ve been busy visiting the districts, doing whistlestop tours which have been enjoyable but exhausting.

 The first batch of visits took in the Moorlands, Newcastle and Tamworth.

In the Moorlands I visited a number of project including the new Moorlands Connects bus service that is a lifeline to some of the county’s most rural communities. I also looked at developments for older people and those with a learning disability.

In the village of Madeley, Newcastle, I visited a pioneering ExtraCare development for older people that has had an unprecedented level of involvement from members of the local community. What started as a project to develop a community centre has ended as a far more ambitious project that will serve people of all generations, with Staffordshire County Council heavily involved, not least as the land owners.

I also visited a one-stop-shop run by volunteers in Chesterton and a training initiative for young people.

 In Tamworth I inspected some of the major highways work we are doing that will help develop the Ventura Park area of the town, helping with our promise to put economic development at the heart of everything we do. I also visited youth and community centres.

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