Spring brings in a new start

Spring is all about recovery and rebirth and there is plenty of that in evidence at the moment. 

I have just about finished lambing on the farm, which is always a busy time. 

As you may know I live very close to JCB’s HQ in Rocester. There the shoots of recovery are very much in evidence too. A 10-acre lot is reserved for completed vehicles awaiting export. Six months ago it was empty. It is currently full, and JCB have been hiring. It’s a welcome sign that that our manufacturing economy is recovering. 

Meanwhile I recently officially opened Shugborough Revisted. Staffordshire County Council has managed Shugborough as a tourism and cultural attraction since 1966. But Revisited adds an entirely new dimension to the offering. The former private apartments of Lord Lichfield are now open for the first time, giving a unique insight into the private life of one of the most iconic figures of the swinging sixties.

The island arboretum, which covers a significant portion of the estate is also open for the first time. It is a fantastic new beginning for Staffordshire’s finest stately home. I hope it tempts many more people to visit and enjoy our county.

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