Spending review announcement is no shock

Like most people, I’ve been glued to the news in the run up to today’s long awaited comprehensive spending review announcement.

And, I have to say, after months of speculation I am pleased our proactive approach has meant I am not shocked by the reports.

 I’d like to reassure the people of Staffordshire that we are well prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

 We have worked very hard to make sure that the county council is in the best possible position to deal with these difficult times as the nation climbs out of debt.

 As a county council we are committed to deliver our fair share of the nation’s savings through innovative ways of working, promoting enterprise and through better collaboration.

 The Coalition Government’s top priority is to reduce the National Debt while maintaining a focus on fairness and support for the most vulnerable.

Today’s announcement identifies a 7.1% annual saving over the next four years which will need to be saved by local government

 However individual funding allocations for councils will not be announced until December.

 I’m keen for Staffordshire to play its part in reducing the National Debt, but the county council will be keeping a clear focus on local people and their needs – not nationally imposed targets.

 I passionately believe today is not a black day for the public sector; there are great possibilities for the whole of the Staffordshire public sector to improve by working smarter, more collaboratively, and focusing our resources and efforts into the things that really matter to people.

 This is a real opportunity to make this happen and the county council is determined to be a driving force to make sure it does.

 Since winning the election fifteen months ago, we have worked hard to build a sound financial base and already have a good record of achieving significant savings.

 We will do this by continuing to listen to residents, improve the economic prosperity of families and the county and being there for the most vulnerable, children and adults, who cannot help themselves.

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