Flying the county flag

I had the huge honour of hoisting the Staffordshire flag over the county’s top tourist attraction, Shugborough, on Wednesday.

The flagpole formerly flew the flag of the Earls of Lichfield when they were in residence. But now the current Earl has vacated the private apartments.

We couldn’t have an empty flagpole at such an important location, Especially as Shugborough is unveiling some really exciting new developments this week.

The Boudoir in the mansion house is to be displayed to visitors from today as a special sneak preview ahead of the opening of Patrick Lichfield’s private apartments next year. The project is called Shugborough Revisited.

It is anticipated that the scale of these developments will lead to a surge in visitors. It is critical that we look to industries such as tourism to secure long term growth for our economy and the county council leads the way in developing the county’s rich assets.

Some people still think that Shugborough is run by the National Trust, which is understandable as there is a trust shop there. In fact it is owned by the trust, but run and managed by the county council and has been since 1966.

The estate has often been described as the jewel in the county’s crown and is something we should be proud of. It is a wonderful educational resource as well as a popular tourist attraction.”

A fascinating blog about the Shugborough Revisited project has also been launched and visitors can find out more at

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