Together we can…

Residents will find the latest edition of YS magazine dropping through their letterboxes soon.

This edition focuses on how the county council is committed to providing all taxpayers with improved value-for-money. We’ve also set up an area of our website dedicate to value-for-money studies.

And we’ve also reduced the cost of this edition of the magazine by 20 per cent. We know that people value the publication, but we want us to deliver it as economically as possible.

On Wednesday night I attended an event organised by the county council at Shugborough called The Staffordshire Hundred.

It brought together leading members of the Staffordshire Strategic Partnership from the public, private and voluntary sectors. It was a good opportunity for us to review our key priorities for Staffordshire and our commitment to working together. There will be action that follows this event.

I opened the event and I’d like to thank David Moorcroft OBE, the former world record 5,000 metre runner and Chief executive of UK Athletics who was there as guest speaker. David was there in his capacity of chair of the West Midlands Leadership Group for the 2012 Games.

Mike Cunningham, the Chief Constable of Staffordshire, completed the speakers.

And the name “Hundred”? It refers to the ancient subdivision of shire counties, and the way people with a joint interest came together co-operatively. It’s Saxon in origin, and particularly apt as today is the anniversary of the Staffordshire Hoard being declared treasure trove.

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