Topping Out Tipping Street

We reached a symbolic milestone with our new Tipping Street development today when I performed a brief “topping out” ceremony with my Cabinet colleague Mark Winnington.

Topping out means we’ve now got the roof on. And it is a great achievement if you remember that the site was still a car park this time last year.

The project can’t be completed soon enough as far as I’m concerned. It will allow the county council to embrace truly modern working practices that we simply can’t in our existing accommodation that is scattered around the Stafford area.

It will save us over £250,000 per year in operating costs alone because we will be leaving 18 buildings that are old, inefficient and require constant maintenance. It would be difficult to contemplate meeting the spending challenges ahead without the modern and efficient infrastructure the Tipping Street development represents.

 Mark and I are both farmers, so we obviously have a lot in common. But it was only today that I discovered that the Cabinet Member for Assets, Performance and Organisation is afraid of heights.

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