A juggling act down on the farm

I’ve been busy juggling my responsibilities this week.

As some of you may know being Leader of Staffordshire County Councillor is not my only job. I’m also a farmer and this time of year is vital for the agricultural community.

I have had to make the most of the rare sunshine and dry weather and have been clocking up the hours on the combine harvester, harvesting oilseed rape which is used for vegetable cooking oil and, hard as you may find it to believe, also fuelling diesel engines.

Me and my combine harvesterBalancing work and public service is always a difficult task for councillors. Councillors who are still working have to balance their public duties with their business and work commitments and I believe it is important that we have Councillors who are still working. I have been a County Councillor for 22 years!

It is tricky doing two full time jobs, and I’m also a backbench member of East Staffordshire Borough Council and time management is the key. We do have allowances as Councillors which are designed to recompense but not reward our role but I manage it because I have good support both at the county council and at home.

I am proud to be a working councillor. I think it keeps me in touch with the challenges faced by very many people in Staffordshire. It helps, particularly with our work fighting the recession.

You can rest assured that I have still been attending meetings, and even while I’m on the combine I’ve been in constant touch with the county council thanks to the wonders of modern technology. There may have been some confusion about who’s running the country, but the county is far more organised.

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