Question time for the Midlands

Later today I’m appearing on the BBC’s live state of the region debate on the forthcoming spending review.

 The regional programme appears in the Question Time slot on BBC1 at 10.35pm and is hosted by Midlands Today’s Nick Owen.

It is sure to be a lively debate. I am going into it in a positive frame of mind. Looking at the list of members of the invited audience I know some of them will not be.

I’ve said it many times already. The need to cut the awful level of national debt is paramount, but we also have unparalleled opportunities to reform public service delivery. The BBC have told us they want the debate to be focussed on the future, and that is certainly the direction I hope to take it.

 Midlands Today’s Twitter followers are being invited to engage with the programme in a similar way that Question Time’s interactive audience does so successfully.

 Midlands Today’s Twitter name is @bbcmtd and debate tweets should have the #mtd hashtag. I don’t Tweet yet, but I’m hoping that if you do you’ll know what that means and will join in the debate.

 Those of you who do tune in tonight will have the chance to see the head wound I’m currently sporting after an accident working with machinery on the farm at the weekend.

It looks worse than it is – just a few cuts. When I blogged a few weeks ago about how dangerous farming could be, I hadn’t intended nearly becoming one of the statistics myself.

 It’s a lesson learned the hard way.

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