Putting in the fieldwork

We have just finished Cabinet. Traditionally August is a quiet month in local government, but we had a full agenda with the LEP and school transport up for discussion among other things.

I’m about to give an interview with Midlands Today on the coalition Government’s first 100 days in Government. They’re talking to me not just in my capacity of Leader of the county council, but also as Chairman of the West Midlands Councils, which is itself a coalition of all 33 local authorities in the region. Economic regeneration is going to be the key theme – particularly life after Advantage West Midlands

Harvest is progressing well with all the oilseed rape gathered in and I have made a start on the wheat harvest. While we have had little rain this summer which has affected yields, some of my fields can flood in winter. Rising food prices are in the news with droughts and fires in the Ukraine and Russia leading to a ban on their wheat exports and a meteoric rise in the price of wheat.

Mother Nature cannot be ignored and has a way of biting back. Our thoughts must also be with those affected by the floods in Pakistan. Many residents in Burton and Stafford will have relatives who still live there.

So while we still have food in our shops and crops in our fields, please think of those who have nothing to eat or drink. The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) are raising funds at this link http://www.dec.org.uk/donate_now/ or you can send a cheque to DEC PAKISTAN FLOODS APPEAL and post it to DEC PAKISTAN FLOODS APPEAL, PO BOX 999, LONDON, EC3A 3AA

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