Harvest time patience

Harvest time is upon us, so I’ll be working exceptionally long hours juggling business on the farm with my county council responsibilities.

Staffordshire farm still produce a considerable portion of the county’s employment and I would like to make a seasonal plea on behalf of the agricultural community. Please be patient if you find yourself behind a tractor or combine harvester on the roads.
Have patience this Harvest
Most people outside the industry don’t realise the demands. Farming is the country’s most dangerous industry with 8.2 workers killed per 100,000 every year. Last year three workers were tragically killed in Staffordshire.

Latest statistics released by HSE reveal a dramatic increase in farm fatalities. 38 farm workers were killed last year, an increase of 50 per cent% on the previous year.

With harvest underway, long hours and the risk of an accident increases dramatically.

It is not enough to just take extra care; the main task is to bring the harvest home safely and without incident.

So when you see a slow moving machine just be aware of the pressures involved.

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