My reaction to today’s budget announcement

My reaction to today’s budget announcement

We have been working hard to get ahead of the game and pre-judge what might be in today’s announcement. I am pleased to say there were no real surprises.

We know that we need to find an additional £7.9 million of savings this financial year.  We have to accept that the nation has been living beyond its means and cuts in public sector spending are essential.

We will not hide any difficult decisions. Staffordshire tax payers deserve to know where they are and so do our staff. We will be guided by what is best for our communities.

 It won’t be easy, but there are very genuine reasons for being positive.

 We know we will have less money to spend, but we will have greater scope to decide for ourselves how we spend it. We will not have to follow a tick box culture. There is real optimism that Government now realises that we know our county, our communities and our business best.

 Cabinet will be meeting informally tomorrow and financial planning will be top of the list of things we discuss.

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