Supporting from afar

Hi to all from down under. My family and I have been having a wonderful time out here in beautiful Australia but as promised I am still making sure that news from back home gets through.

Earlier this month some of you may have seen in the news that the county council used the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002 for the first time with our own financial investigations officer. This meant we could apply to confiscate money made from crime. I was delighted that it resulted in a Staffordshire resident being ordered to pay back over £20,000 to public funds.

This sent out a clear message that we will not tolerate counterfeiting activity in Staffordshire and will do what we can to stamp this out.  World Anti-Counterfeiting Day is upon us and is an annual event that aims to raise awareness around this kind of activity. Im pleased to announce that so far in 2010 our Trading Standards officers have seized over £440,000 worth of goods. These goods will be recycled where possible or disposed of but its important to make it clear to consumers that by purchasing fake goods they are supporting the criminal activity. Why not take a stand to mark the annual day.

On a completely different note, as many of us are gearing up for England’s world cup match on Saturday im pleased to say that Staffordshire County Council will be flying the flag for our team. The St George’s Cross has been put in pride of place on top of the Shire Hall Gallery in the heart of Stafford. We’ve just got to hope that it will still be flying proudly until the end of the World Cup!

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