Binge drinking – it affects the whole community

We have announced today that a key priority over the next year will be to work with our other public bodies in Staffordshire to tackle the damage caused by irresponsible drinking.

At Full Council today we discussed the obvious effects that binge drinking has on the individual but also the knock on effect to communities and the tax payer. Many issues affecting communities have alcohol as an underlying factor and these need to be tackled together by councils, police, health organisations and other public bodies.

I must stress that the county council is not seeking any law changes as the vast majority of people in this county enjoy alcohol responsibly. Our country pubs in Staffordshire are fantastic community venues and of course we have a long established and successful brewing industry which we can take pride in as it supports our local economy.

No, we aren’t being killjoys either; I enjoy a drink in my local like anyone. We are simply going to be targeting our work at those that consistently over do it.

People that binge don’t think about how everyone else including their families will end up paying for it. You only have to look at the immense pressure our Accident and Emergency Departments are under due to people suffering from alcohol related injuries.  

We will be working with all partners to ensure everyone is allocating resources to tackle this growing problem. As ever I will endeavour to keep you up to date with plans via my blog.

Take a look at this news piece which covers our debate in full council today

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