Staying No 1 for child road safety

When we went to the elections in June last year one of the main issues that cropped up on many doorsteps time and time again was the state of our roads and child safety on the roads . We spoke to lots of parents who simply wanted the roads around their child’s school to be safer.

Following this we listened to people and made sure this issue was tackled head on by making it a clear manifesto priority.

As soon as we took up office we pumped an extra £30million into our highways and also introduced a trial of 20mph zones at eights schools, one in each district.

The pilots really have proved successful and extremely popular with parents, which is why we have made the decision to introduce part time 20mph zones at appropriate schools across the entire county.

We are already No1 in the country for child road safety but I believe it is important that we are not complacent and work our utmost to maintain these safety standards. After all one child’s death on our roads is one too many – a message we received loud and clear from all of you over the last 6 months.

Take a look at this news feature below to find out more

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