Stop stealth tax on vital businesses

The present government are proposing to re introduce the tax on empty business buildings. At the county council we are very much opposed to this as it really will stifle our businesses that are working so hard to get back on their feet in a recession.

We will be calling on government to stop the proposal and reconsider. I have already been down to London to lobby MPs on the issues is a drive to fight the corner for Staffordshire’s vital small business community.

Many people have no idea how difficult it is for small businesses to stay afloat in difficult economic times and to have another tax placed on them would be unfairly penalising them.

Not all business properties are economically productive all the time. If buildings are taxed from the moment the roof goes on it will stop businesses undertaking new developments. It is really is the last thing businesses will need. We should be liberating our enterprise potential not locking up the precise people who help to keep our local economy going.

Take a look at the news package below which goes some way to explain the situation

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