End mineral madness

Mineral extraction, or quarrying as most of us know it, is good for jobs and for our local economy. However, excessive quarrying also blights the countryside and local communities.

Not many people realise but Staffordshire is the UK’s number one sand and gravel producer and is currently required to provide 65% of the West Midlands sand and gravel. Although we are proud of how this industry helps our local economy, to keep quarrying at these levels is simply not sustainable which is why we have launched a high profile campaign calling for a fair deal.

We will be protesting against the high rates of extraction that have been proposed for the area in the coming years. If proposals go ahead we will have to increase the amount we quarry which aside from being unfair is simply unsustainable. We will end up having to start digging up areas of our beautiful countryside.

The Regional Assembly will be making critical decisions about the future of quarrying in Staffordshire at a meeting in Lichfield on March 17 so time is running out and we need your help.

Please take a look at our ‘Minerals Madness’ campaign website here and if you agree, sign our e-petition today!

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