Planning inspector hears evidence in waste disposal inquiry

As most of you will know as well as being leader of the County Councillor I am also a borough councillor and a Staffordshire farmer.

Like most fellow farmers I take great pride in my land which is why is disappointed me to hear about the case of Adam Silitoe.

Since 2007 it appeals that Landowner Mr Silitoe, of Pear Tree Farm, Stubwood Lane, Denstone has been spreading waste unlawfully.

Anyone disposing on land must have planning permission to do so. Mr Silitoe maintains that he is using organic waste as fertiliser on farmland and so is exempt from planning laws. However, since 2007 the local parish council raised some concerns and the county council and I have had numerous complaints from nearby residents about the smells, state of the land the state of nearby roads.

This obviously sparked concern and shortly after the county council’s planning committee served the enforcement notice on Mr Silitoe.

He has appealed against the council’s enforcement notice and a five-day public inquiry in which I have contributed to is now being heard.

I understand that there is a grey area in the law in terms of waste disposal, but this is not normal farming practice anywhere in the country.

Apart from the obvious environmental worries, Mr Silitoe keeps cattle on the farm and Bilthfield Reservoir is nearby and contamination and disease is always a concern.

As the local member I fully support the county council in its enforcement action.

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