Allowances freeze for second year

You won’t have escaped the two main issues that have dominated the news in the last 12 months. These of course have been the financial climate and MPs who have abused expenses.

Some people may not be aware but County councillors like myself have never had expenses or allowances remotely comparable to those of MPs. However, I feel as elected representative, we have a duty to show our claims are above reproach. It is also very important that we set an example in times of financial hardship.

That is why I have recommended that county councillors accept a freeze in their allowances for the second year running.

Each year the council is to consider a report from the Independent Remuneration Panel which makes recommendations on the level of allowances for county councillors for the forthcoming year. Although the report has yet to be published, councillors are taking the initiative and refraining from taking any increases in allowances. Im pleased to say that Cabinet had no qualms about agreeing to the freeze today.

It is especially important this year as our hard-working employees are not being offered a pay rise, and we need to do the right thing by them and our residents.

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