Help us shape the future of care and health services in Staffordshire

I’d like to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to attend an event that will help shape how local care and health services are delivered in Staffordshire.

The session which will be on 26 January will be set up to attract fresh ideas and renewed interest in service delivery.

 The event has been be organised following our decision to take over the coordination of the LINKs (Local Involvement Networks) to help it restructure and gain new momentum before handing it to an independent provider.

Introduced in April 2008, LINKs aims to give people a stronger voice in how services are delivered. Run by local people, LINks exists to find out what people want, monitor local services and use their powers to hold related services to account.

It is so important that we get your views on how we run our services in Staffordshire and this event will be a fantastic opportunity to find out how you get involved and discuss proposals for the best way forward in helping to build a stronger, more successful LINks. Find out more here

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