Look out for your neighbour

DSCF0031The snow has continued to fall across the county with some areas, such as the Staffordshire Moorlands experiencing significantly more than the rest of the county. As you can see from pictures taken in the Moorlands earlier in the week local residents are really feeling the brunt of the weather.

As the cold spell continues  id like to urge residents to keep an eye out for their neighbours who may be more vulnerable to the freezing temperatures. DSCF0037

Its important that if we live near or next to an older neighbour that we do check on their needs in the Winter months. Some people may find regular tasks such as shopping and getting out a bit more difficult.

While I would warn all residents to be aware of bogus callers around this time it important that neighbours who know eachother well look out for one another.

The National Keep Warm Keep Well Campaign provides a number of practical steps which can help older people to stay safe during the cold conditions.  These include:

  • Have regular hot drinks and, if possible, at least one hot meal a day.  Eating regularly helps to keep energy levels up during winter
  • Wear several light layers of warm clothes.
  • Keep as active as possible.
  • Keep your home at the right temperature – between 18 and 21 degrees centigrade.   If you can’t heat all the rooms you use, heat the living room during the day and the bedroom just before you go to sleep.
  • Remember to wrap up warm if you need to go outside.

More information about Winter Fuel and Cold Weather Payments can be found by visiting www.direct.gov.uk. If you are worried about the welfare of a neighbour in the cold weather please do contact their nearest relative or friend to get help or go direct to the emergency services.

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