Highways hotline feels the cold snap

Hello everyone, I hope the cold and snowy snap we are experiencing at the moment isn’t disrupting your day to day lives too much.
As farmer myself I appreciate that the cold weather certainly doesn’t make life easier at times. As you can see my flock have been feeling the chill too!

 The cold weather has brought with it some slippery and icy roads and again I would ask motorists and pedestrians to take extreme care when venturing out at the moment. As I mentioned in my last blog entry our gritters continue to work around the clock and although we grit higher than the national average, due to a national shortage in salt we are just gritting just A and B and areas deemed critical such as around GP surgeries. The salt on the road does stop working in very low temperatures though so please be careful.

 I would also like to urge people to only call the highways hotline, 0800 232323 to alert us about emergency situations rather than general gritting enquiries. At present the line is getting inundated with calls and we are desperate to ensure that real emergency calls are not blocked by minor issues.

I don’t like to end on a bad note but id like to warn residents about some high-pressure security sales that are doing the rounds at the moment in areas of Staffordshire. It involves some salespeople attempting to sell home security equipment. The sales technique involves ringing round potential customers to arrange appointments, then visiting people in their homes and using persuasive conversation to convince them that to feel more safe, they need additional home security.

I would urge Staffordshire residents to be wary of salespeople approaching them by phone or in person, using pressurised techniques to sell security systems, or indeed any other equipment or service.  When buying any goods or services we would always suggest shopping around and getting several quotes.

 Anyone with concerns can call Staffordshire County Council Trading Standards on 01782 297094.

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