Young people ‘take over’ for the day

Today is national 11 million Take-over Day and to mark the event young people from around the county will be stepping into our shoes and ‘taking over’ Staffordshire County Council for the day.
It is really important that my colleagues and I listen to the voices of young people as much as possible which is why we arranged for seven young people that are in the county council’s care to take on the role of county councilors and senior bosses at Staffordshire’s Corporate Parenting Panel. This board is responsible for ensuring the well-being of children in care and this was a great opportunity for those young people to put across how well they feel they are being looked after.

Many other young people from Staffordshire joined in to ‘take over’ the roles of head teachers and senior managers in an effort to let us know what they think.

I must say this was a really fun and useful exercise and can I assure those young people that took part that their suggestions will not go unnoticed. In fact we may be picking up a few tips!

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