A step closer to home

I was in London earlier this week for the launch of a temporary exhibition of the 1,662 pieces of gold and silver from the Staffordshire Hoard in The British Museum.

I’m really pleased as the British Museum has confirmed they are not interested in acquiring the hoard and that once the valuation is made there is not suggestion it won’t return to its rightful place in Mercia.

This is fantastic news as it means that hopes of bringing the Staffordshire PB030018 blogHoard back to its home region where it was originally found are alive!

We are working with our partners from Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent and other bodies across the West Midlands to ensure that the treasure returns to the region and have already begun to work on the bid proposal.

It was great attending the launch in London and brought back the excitement that the Hoard created initially when it was discovered. It is nice that the story of the treasure can be shared with others around the country too. I met up with fellow farmer Fred Johnson whose land the Hoard was found on. It was amazing to reflect on how far the treasure has come from a muddy famer’s field to grand surroundings of the British Museum. I asked if I could borrow his plough in the hope it may find me some gold one day too!

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