Life after Coronavirus in Staffordshire

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in many ways. Life as we all knew it is unlikely to return to exactly the same and we have to recognise the impact of the virus on businesses, communities, a fragile care market and our own finances in our recovery.

But if the crisis has shown us anything it proves that in times of need, the council and the whole county can pull together to make an incredible difference. I have spoken about this in previous blog posts too but I have been truly humbled by the incredible response from our communities as they stepped up to help family, neighbours and people who were strangers before the crisis started.

Throughout the pandemic the county council has focused on the immediate response and managing the outbreak locally, but also kept a close eye on the lasting impact it will have and how we can shape a stronger Staffordshire post pandemic.

While we will not forget the huge toll the virus has already taken on individuals and their families across the county, our priority now must be to contain the spread of infection and also to look to the future, gradually reopening the county for business, for investment, for growth and ultimately for the benefit of Staffordshire families.

Next week, I will be taking our recovery plan to Cabinet for approval, detailing how we will rebuild the county. We will be focusing on key areas i.e. health and care, families and communities, economy and skills, the digital agenda, and climate change.

Once again, we have shown how resilient the county can be which will be a huge strength as we continue to build on our response and look more to the future and a different way of life after Covid-19.

But please let’s not forget, the virus hasn’t gone away, so we still need to stay alert and follow the advice around social distancing and good personal hygiene and thorough hand washing.

All the latest Coronavirus advice can be found here.

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