Coronavirus advice for Staffordshire

I’m sure that most people will be closely following the story around coronavirus COVID-19 and the Government’s action plan to tackle it.

Last week we saw our first cases here in Staffordshire and I want to reassure everyone that we continue to work very closely with Public Health England and the NHS to monitor and manage any emerging risks.

It’s a rapidly changing situation and we are encouraging everyone to play their part by following NHS advice to help reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus

For the vast majority of people it remains very much business as usual for the moment. The easiest and most effective way to stop the virus spreading is to follow good basic hygiene. This includes washing your hands more often and for 20 seconds and not touching your face if you’ve haven’t washed them.  Using the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ practice for coughs and sneezes will also help to lessen the chance of infection.

The cases of coronavirus here in the county are nothing unexpected. We fully anticipate an increase in numbers which is why our services have planned for, and are ready, for this situation.

Once again, I’d like to reassure people that the risk to individuals remains low and we continue to work with the NHS and other partners to stop the virus spreading and ensure the people of Staffordshire are protected.

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