New recycling campaign reminds residents to recycle plastic bottles

Staffordshire pupils have been helping spread the word about recycling

In my previous blog posts I’ve spoken at length about our work to tackle climate change and what activities and plans we are putting in place to help protect our environment. This latest campaign marks another important step in us addressing some of those key issues by reducing waste and boosting recycling.

Plastic Bottles: Recycle One and All is our brand new county-wide campaign to encourage everyone to recycle more plastic bottles.

In Staffordshire, one in four plastic bottles, that are perfectly recyclable, are still thrown away and we want to reduce this. We’re simply asking people to recycle just one extra plastic bottle, per person, per week. If everyone does that, it will save over 46 million plastic bottles in a year, which is the equivalent of nine Olympic-sized swimming pools. That’s great for our environment and value for money for council tax payers.  

While the target is ambitious, it’s important that we all do our bit, and I believe it’s more than achievable if everyone gets involved. Like lots of our other recent campaigns, it’s a small action for each of us, but together they make a big difference!

Through TV, radio, posters and a social media and email campaign, we’ll be showing people top recycling tips and exploring the types of bottles that can be recycled that some people don’t think about. We’ll also be giving people inspiring examples of how recycled plastic bottles can be turned into useful things like park benches, traffic cones,  car batteries and even gardening equipment.

Here’s some top plastic bottle recycling tips to get you started:

  1. All empty plastic bottles can be recycled, just pour out any remaining contents and send them on their way.
  2. Worried about lids? Keep them on! Even though lids are made from a different type of plastic than bottles, they are still recyclable, just put them back on before recycling. 
  3. Any colour goes! All coloured bottles, except black ones, can be recycled through the Council’s high-tech machines at the mixed recycling facility.
  4. Where possible, reuse your plastic bottles or invest in a reusable. If you do need to use a plastic bottle always recycle it and bring any bottles bought on the go home to recycle.

The campaign will run from March for a whole year, with community and schools activity taking place in Cannock and Tamworth districts before moving around the county.

People can sign up to get top recycling and reusing tips and find out more at or follow #ReuseandRecycle on social media.

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