Preparing for a new future in the EU

On 31 January the UK officially left the EU after 47 years bringing to an end the past few years of uncertainty. And, while this has brought certainty for our communities and businesses, to bring clarity there’s still a lot of important work and negotiations to be done over the next eleven months.

As Leader of the county council, my responsibility is to the people of Staffordshire and ensuring the county remains a place where everyone has the opportunity to be prosperous, to be healthy, and to be happy. 

It’s my job to make sure we continue to create the right conditions so businesses can prosper, and that their interests, and those of our local economy are safeguarded.

I have blogged about this before but we’ve already been working  closely with our partners locally and with various Government departments to help shape the national direction, and to raise Staffordshire’s profile in preparing for the future.

I do believe that our exit from the EU does present businesses with a wide range of opportunities, but businesses need to ensure they are aware of the advice and guidance available to help them prepare for 2021 when the transition period ends.

We’ve also been working with the Stoke and Staffordshire Growth Hub to put on a series of workshops for local businesses covering the main issues.

Another important aspect in relation to leaving the EU is the Government’s Settlement Scheme which will allow EU citizens, if eligible, to remain and work in the UK. EU citizens in Staffordshire make a great contribution to our economy, so we want to ensure as many of them as possible are aware of the scheme and can apply before the June 31 deadline.

I would like to reassure you that the county council is keeping a close eye on whatever happens so that everyone in Staffordshire remains prepared and ready for whatever opportunities the future may bring.

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