A busy year for Trading Standards

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This year has been a particularly busy one for our Trading Standards team, and indeed a successful one as a recent report from the Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers has revealed.

I blogged about the teams work and some of their recent successes back in September but looking back over the last twelve months there’s lots to shout about.

Counterfeit goods are a real blight on our communities, they pose a serious risk to people’s health; whether they are cosmetics with dangerous chemicals, electrical goods which can cause fires, toys which can seriously harm children or food or drink which can damage your health. In addition they take legitimate trade away from local businesses and drain vital money away from our communities, whilst bringing organised crime further into our County.

The annual report revealed that trading standards services nationally had detained over 20 million illegal products including more than 15 million potentially dangerous cigarettes in the last year.  And, in Staffordshire alone over the same period, 34,300 counterfeit items with an estimated value of £204,000 were taken off the streets, including, 24,000 illicit cigarettes with a street value of £12,500.

Dealing with counterfeit goods reflects a small part of what the team gets involved in. Trading Standards cuts across the whole of our lives from protecting vulnerable people from predatory criminals, maintaining the safety of food and drink, the welfare of our farm animals, the safety of goods, as well as maintaining a level playing field for businesses across the whole trading environment. The team support legitimate business whilst focussing on those who prefer not to play by the rules.  

The full report can be viewed here.

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