Fireworks Safety

Fireworks cluster.

This time of year is one when we want to have some fun and lighten things up as the nights draw in. It is also a busy time for our Trading Standards team. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, and before that we have Halloween and Bonfire Night; and the one thing these events have in common is fireworks!

We do want people to be able to enjoy their celebrations and have a good time but we want them to do it safely. Fireworks by their very nature can be dangerous so there’s a few areas of work that keep us busy as a county council.

Over the next few weeks our Trading Standards team will be visiting traders to make sure that those licensed to stock and sell fireworks are doing so safely and responsibly. This includes storing them safely, only selling to over 18s and only selling within specific dates in the run up to Bonfire Night and for New Year.

We’re also reminding consumers to be particularly cautious when buying fireworks too. This includes only buying items from properly registered sellers and not to be tempted in to buying fireworks through social media.

Only last week our team led an operation into an individual who was storing a large quantity of fireworks and selling display fireworks from a flat in a multi-story block. Not only was he putting his family at risk but also the entire block of residents. These were ‘display fireworks’ with high amounts of explosives which should only be used by professionals.

There’s lots of advice on fireworks safety here and anyone concerned about unsafe selling of fireworks can contact the Trading Standards confidential helpline on 01785 277855.

Have a good time, but please stay safe.

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