Signing off on our housing and economic development plan

I have always maintained we have a need for a long-term plan for housing and economic development, the infrastructure needed for it and what we can all in the public and private sectors do to support this.

Well, at our Cabinet meeting this week we signed off on a plan that will support the construction of new homes and ensure our communities are provided with job opportunities, high quality transport, leisure facilities and excellent digital connections. 

As a county council, we have the responsibility to provide an overview that will help to inform the various organisations and companies that would be involved in the actual work. This includes, potential developers, investors, transport organisations and energy and waste companies. 

Having the plan means there will be better coordination to ensure new communities have excellent schools, healthcare, leisure and community facilities, in addition to protecting established town and village residential areas. It also means that the necessary infrastructure like roads, utilities, broadband can all be put in place earlier on in the process and ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Some of the areas for larger developments to watch out for over the next few years include:

  • Stafford Gateway and Burleyfields
  • Branston Locks near Burton
  • Liberty Park in Lichfield
  • Tamworth golf course
  • Rugeley power station
  • Keele Science and Innovation Park
  • Biddulph and Codsall

Well planned housing development is a key part of our continued economic growth and will also make sure we have thriving communities across our county.

I will keep you posted on the plans.

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