365 Great Things About Staffordshire

I’ve often talked about what a great place Staffordshire really is, so you won’t be surprised with our latest campaign.….

Our 365 Great Things About Staffordshire is a year-long celebration of everything that makes our county a great place to live, work & visit.

We launched on July 1st and over the next year, we’ll be focusing on one good thing for each day. From our unique historical figures to some of the things we are famous for, like the Staffordshire oatcake.

But we also want to shine a light on the excellent work of individuals and organisations, and the incredible initiatives going on across the county that are positively impacting the lives of people.

This campaign isn’t just about what WE think is great about Staffordshire, but also what YOU think is great about the county too. We want your suggestions and ideas and you can get them to us via http://bit.ly/staffs365

It’s easy to do and no idea is too big or too small. If you feel that it’s a ‘Great Thing About Staffordshire’, then it counts!

There’s also many ways to keep up to date with the campaign:

Please share and comment on our posts using the hashtag #Staffs365 and help us tell the world what a great place Staffordshire really is.

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