The new People helping people fund

People Power Celebrated in Staffordshire with Launch of New Fund

Regular readers of my blog will already be aware that the way councils are funded is changing with less money coming from government to local councils.

Essentially, we can no longer deliver everything we once did, so while we concentrate on prioritising our legal responsibilities for the most vulnerable in our communities, the way we work with local people needs to change.

To help with this, we’ve recently launched our People Helping People fund, where each county councillor has £2,500 to invest in community and voluntary projects and groups that support people’s health and wellbeing, or on children and families who need a little extra support.

By working differently with our local communities, we can ensure we keep doing the essential things like social care, while people do their bit in their local community to make sure Staffordshire continues to be a great place to live. Our message is that small things really do make a difference, so something as small as talking to an elderly neighbour who may be lonely, or encouraging your family to eat more fruits and vegetables, can add up to a bigger whole.

There are some great ideas on the kind of things you could do on the county council website, just search for “doing our bit” to get access to a wealth of ideas.

By working together and doing our bit, we can all help make Staffordshire an even greater place to live.

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