Getting ready to celebrate Volunteers’ Week

We will all know someone who works tirelessly in their communities, giving up their time working with voluntary organisations, groups and charities to help improve the lives of others.

Well, National Volunteers’ Week starts this Saturday (1 June) and it’s the time we recognise and celebrate all their contributions.

For example, in our libraries and our community managed libraries there are almost 1,000 volunteers helping out, all helping the community by running community events, helping people with their IT skills, giving access to books and information to housebound people and much more.

But we also have volunteers helping out in our schools, children’s centres, country parks and our Archives and Museums services so there’s lots of different opportunities for different interests.

So, whether it’s helping out at a local sports group, youth club, library or children’s centre, or simply supporting those people in communities that are most in need –  elderly, young people, and children and families it all makes an amazing difference.

There are lots of volunteering opportunities available in Staffordshire and you can find out more at

And remember, volunteering not only benefits our local communities but it can also greatly benefit the people who give up their time too. Whether it is learning new skills, keeping active, improving mental health and wellbeing, or making new friends, volunteering can have real long-term benefits.

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