Join us to view the past

This Sunday we are inviting everyone to peer into the past at one of our archaeological digs in the heart of Stafford. The Tipping Street excavation has unveiled some fantastic hidden treasures including a grotesque and ultra-rare 17th Century jar designed to scare off witches. The glazed “Bellarmine” jar was found on the site of the former Turk’s Head Inn beneath the car park and has taken centre stage ever since. But the jar is not the only artefact that our archaeologists have unearthed on the dig. The site has opened a window on Stafford’s past that could stretch pack as far as prehistory.bellarminejarstafford200

Carbon deposits in the gravel deep down could be an indication of human activity on the hill above the marsh going back thousands of years. We have also discovered three kilns and thousands of sherds of high class Stafford ware pottery.

Archaeological wonders seem to pouring out of the ground in Staffordshire at the moment so I would encourage everyone to come along and take a look at the weird and wonderful! Our county council archaeologists will be on hand to answer all your questions too.

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