Less than a month to Staffordshire Day

This year’s Staffordshire Day (1 May) is now less than a month away and there’s plenty to be excited about.

As I have blogged about before, the theme for this years’ event is ‘Made in Staffordshire’, which as the name suggests is a celebration of all the great things to come out of Staffordshire, from its brewing and ceramic heritage, as well as food and drink, to the music and some of the most famous people from the county.

Tying in with this years’ theme is the Made in Staffordshire Playlist. The playlist can be found on Spotify and showcases some of the best music to come from the county, from big named musical legends to rising stars. You can even add your own tracks to the playlist and recommend songs by tweeting @enjoystaffs.

Returning once again are the Staffordshire Day mug shots. It was a huge success last year when hundreds of people got involved and perfectly fits the Made in Staffordshire theme. All people need to do again is take a quick selfie holding a Staffordshire mug and share it on social media with #StaffordshireDay and we’ll do the rest.

As in previous years, there’s plenty of other events and activities happening all around the county, such as the Staffordshire Day Plate Raceday at Uttoxeter Racecourse, the Staffordshire Day Vintage Fair at the National Memorial Arboretum, the Made in Staffordshire art exhibition at the Guildhall Gallery in Stafford and many more.

Many libraries across Staffordshire are getting involved in the celebrations too. See a full list of Staffordshire Day library events here.

Make sure the date is in your diary and keep up to date with events and activities at www.enjoystaffordshire.com/staffsday

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