Christmas in Care

For most children their Christmas lists will consist of the latest gadgets, games and toys. But for many children in care, all they’ll be asking for this year is a loving family.

This is where foster families can help by providing a stable and supportive family environment which is something that many of our vulnerable young people in care have never had. It’s also why we have  launched two new campaigns in the run up to Christmas to help recruit more foster carers.

We know that in most cases, foster families can give children in care the best chance of a happy life.  And, with record numbers of children being placed in care, it’s vital that we have a strong network of foster families to give them the love they need.

The first campaign, ’12 Myths of Fostering’ is all about busting some of the most commonly reported myths about fostering. We know from talking to potential foster carers that there are a lot of misconceptions about who can and cannot foster, and this campaign is all about exploring those myths and debunking them. People who have considered fostering, but ruled themselves out for one reason or another should definitely watch the 12 Myths of Fostering videos here.  We’re releasing one each day in the run up to Christmas.

Our second campaign is all about recruiting Resilience Foster Carers. This is a specialist type of fostering, and is for people with experience in dealing with teenagers with emotional and behavioural difficulties. It could include people who have worked in residential care, ex-police officers, prison officers or people who work in similar professions. There is a real shortage of these types of foster carers, so it’s vital that we reach out to try and find them.  If you think it’s something you could do or know someone who might be suitable, you can read more about it here:

Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated, you can’t cross a chasm with two small leaps. You could bring joy to a vulnerable young child by giving them a loving family, and  a feeling of fulfilment to yourself.


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