New approach to support young people with mental health issues

We had a busy cabinet meeting this week and one of the important decisions we made was to agree a new approach to helping children and young people with mental health issues.

This is not only about promoting good mental health, but also tackling the stigma around mental illness and improving attitudes towards it. A lot of young people may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their mental health, but we want them to know that they shouldn’t feel that shame, and that there’s people who understand what they are going through and can help them.

It’s a subject that’s incredibly important to us all and it’s vital that children get the help when they need it. That’s why we have joined forces with our local Clinical Commissioning Groups to ensure we can support them through any tough times they go through.

Around 40% of all young people experience at least one mental health issue by the age of 16. With 225,000 children and young people living in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent, this means around 90,000 will experience an issue with their emotional health and wellbeing at some stage.

These are figures that cannot be ignored, which is why we are so committed to ensuring that young people get the help that they need.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the new approach.

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