Looking out for older relatives

There’s nothing like a good World Cup to galvanise the country, local communities and bring together neighbourhoods and families.  While it does feel like a distant memory now, the country was united even if football hasn’t come home.

Bringing families together and looking out for each other especially older family members and relatives is something I’ve blogged about many times before.  One of the biggest challenges facing us all is the fact that we are living longer but sadly not everyone is always staying in good health as we get older, and this in turn can put extra pressures on everyone.  An aging population is to be welcomed, however, it does require additional resources and that is why we are spending a record £310m on care this year.

But there’s a lot that we can do to help ourselves and those close to us live into later life more independently and I want to share some examples I’ve heard about from people I’ve spoken to.

Our new home improvement Agency SILIS (Supporting Independent Living in Staffordshire) is there to give help and advice about home adaptations such as stair lifts and bathroom adaptions, and housing options. Click here to find out more about SILIS by clicking this link.

There are also a wide range of small items which can make a huge difference to people’s lives such as Things that can help you make washing and dressing easier, gadgets to help with cooking, cleaning and everyday household tasks and clever fixes to make your favourite chair easier to get in and out of.  For those who need a bit of help with remembering and sorting out their tablets, there are also services available from your local pharmacy such as blister packs or pill dispensers.

Advancements in smart technologies are also impacting on our lives and often providing solutions.  Amazon, Google and Apple have all launched smart speakers, which as well as playing music, controlling our lighting and heating and linking us to a wealth of information, can also act as personal assistants.  They can prompt and remind us about tasks and appointments and connect us to friends and family by voice command.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future and take steps to make life the best it can be and remember, small changes can make a big difference.

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