County’s growth plans In front of Select Committee

This week we will see a renewed focus on the County Council’s efforts to boost the economy, deliver major business investment projects and create nearly 20,000 jobs by 2024.

We’re almost half way through our  decade-long growth programme and we’ve already seen 15 projects completed and £160million investment.   This is great news for people in Staffordshire and part of our promise to create more better paid jobs for the county.

An update on progress is being presented to our Prosperous Staffordshire Select Committee.  They will be told that for every £1 invested by the county council, £13.60 worth of private investment is levered in. So far on the completed sites there are already 6,650 people working or jobs committed.

On top of this, the committee will also be told that projects underway are valued at £204million – £15million of which is from direct county council investment.

But as well as major business and infrastructure development, the county council’s growth programme includes support for existing businesses, the development of skills to meet the needs of employers and the roll-out of initiatives like superfast fibre broadband.  For example we have helped support over 6,000 businesses over the last four years.

As I have blogged about before, we already have near full employment in Staffordshire with millions more investment in the pipeline, and more jobs on route.  This is all helping to make us a more prosperous county.

Making sure we have good road and rail links

This week Midlands Connect, the partnership responsible for powering the strategic transport plans for the Midlands Engine also published its annual report.

This is a very important area of work for Staffordshire and the wider region that is focusing on the strategic options for transport and connectivity.  Good roads and rail links are crucial for residents, businesses and continuing to grow a strong economy and we will continue to work with our partners to make sure this is in place.

In Staffordshire, our motorways are extremely busy and it is vital that we invest in a robust road network to meet day-to-day travel demands and support all our growth projects.

The Government is also looking to create a new Major Road Network (MRN) to identify and fund improvements to key roads and, with our partners, we will be looking to see some of these strategic A roads and well as motorways included in the MRN.  This together with improving the M6/M54 north link, creating better motorway junctions and encouraging more travel on public commercial buses and trains , will be key in easing congestion, reducing pressure on the motorway network and securing long-term growth and development.  You can read the full report here.


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