All set for Staffordshire Day

With only a day to go now, we’re all set and incredibly excited for our third Staffordshire Day taking place tomorrow.

You will remember our first two Staffordshire Days were a huge success, but I am sure you will agree we want this year to be even bigger and better.  Last year, over 60,000 people attended Staffordshire Day events, generating an estimated £1m for the county’s economy.  And we were trending on Twitter in the UK which was a great achievement.

New for this year is a celebration of the unique delights of the mighty Staffordshire oatcake.  Music and food festivals are also in the line-up along with a ‘mug shot’ campaign encouraging people to share a photo with a Staffordshire made mug on social media to celebrate our world-famous pottery industry.

The county’s libraries will also be getting involved, with arts and crafts activities, and a special campaign will recognise some of the county’s most famous historical figures like Josiah Wedgwood and Dr Samuel Johnson, author of the first comprehensive English dictionary.  We produced a series of short videos with local actors reliving their stories along with some great reasons to visit each area.  They’re very good.  You can watch them by clicking on each individual name. Josiah Wedgwood, Dr Samuel Johnson, David Garrick, Michael Bass and JRR Tolkien.

Other events already organised include a new exhibition dedicated to Newcastle-under-Lyme’s Philip Astley, the Father of the Modern Circus and the Staffordshire Plate Raceday at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

Remember, you can find out about events near you at

And, remember, where ever you are and whatever you’re doing tweet us a photo with the #staffordshireday.

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