Extra funding to help vulnerable families

Over the last few years we have been at the forefront of working jointly with other organisations to help families with complex needs and to help them avoid reaching crisis point.

Now, after years of successful intervention, we’ve been awarded £5 million up front to allow us to develop this area of work further. This is great news which will help us make a real difference to the lives of parents, children and their wider families.

Our Building Resilient Families and Communities (BRFC) programme, which I’ve blogged about before, targeted families to help parents in to work, or children back to school and to reduce their involvement in criminal and anti-social behaviour.

Working more closely with the Police, district councils  and other agencies and a focus on the whole family rather than the individual members of a family, has been key to the scheme’s success.  As a result of this, more than 3,500 families have already been supported by the BRFC scheme which has also resulted in considerable reduction in the consequences of domestic violence, joblessness and anti-social behaviour.

The extra funding will now allow us to build on the good work already done but also allow us to deal with a wider range of problems including domestic violence, debt, poor health and where children are at risk of being taken into care.

If this “working differently” continues to be a success, we  can look forward to helping many more of our most challenged families.

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