Making sure people have the right skills for the evolving jobs of the future

We know a strong and growing economy relies on a steady flow of people who have the right skills and training to meet the needs of our businesses. But skilled jobs aren’t just good for our economy, they also mean higher wages for people, enabling them to afford and enjoy a better quality of life.

Over the next 10 years more than 100,000 jobs in sectors such as health and social care, construction, engineering and teaching will need to be filled in the county, so it’s vital for our economy that we have local people with the right skills.

Supporting this work is the skills deal with Keele University and the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Skills Hub that we are helping to deliver.  This month too, we launched an exciting  partnership with Wolverhampton University Which will help broaden people’s skills even further.  From their newly opened base at Staffordshire Place in Stafford they will be offering learning programmes from school age right through to workplace development. This coupled with the additional training courses at New Beacon Group at the Beaconside Campus and work with Entrust on delivering training for teachers means we will have the skills for these better paid jobs of the future.

Alongside this, in the last year, we’ve created more than 5,000 apprentices and increased our work with schools to raise aspirations about the higher skilled  jobs of the future, and made the pathways into those jobs more clear.

If our economy is to be truly successful and competitive, we need to continue developing local talent and growing skills to make sure Staffordshire people can take on these better paid jobs of the future. It means together we can build a prosperous and more productive county for years to come, a place to live, a place to raise a family, a place to raise living standards which we can all enjoy.

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