Have you thought of choosing a career in care and making a positive difference to someone’s life every day

One of the biggest challenges facing us all is the fact that we are living longer and this in turn can put extra pressures on everyone.

While an aging population is good news and to be welcomed, it does call for additional resources and comes with an increased need for more people to care for those living into later life.

I have blogged about this before but this year we will be spending a record £310m on care and funding millions of hours of care to support people with day-to-day personal tasks.  There are thousands of people already working in the care sector in Staffordshire, many helping people live independently for as long as possible in their homes. While the number of people working in the sector has been on the increase for many years too, we do need more people to choose a career path involving care. This is why we’re working with some of our biggest providers of care services to encourage people to do just that.

Carers do a fantastic job – they make people’s lives better, and help them live well in the home they love. Working in care is also really flexible, meaning it can fit around other commitments in people’s lives.  Nowadays, there are more career prospects too and with lots of training and development opportunities, there’s  a good chance to climb the career ladder too to potentially become a nurse and beyond. Lots of people working in care also tell us that it’s a really rewarding thing to do.

If this has sparked a bit of an interest or you know someone who might be interested in considering a career in care then you can find out more on www.carecareerstaffordshire.org.


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