Staffordshire’s War, a window into the home front in Staffordshire

A number of years ago our Archives Service rediscovered some very interesting WWI Military Appeal Tribunal Papers  which should have been destroyed after the war but weren’t.  It was widely reported on the BBC and you can read more about it here. 

Well, these along with other eye-witness accounts, letters and diaries have revealed lots about life on the home front here in Staffordshire.  It’s all been pulled together in a new book called Staffordshire’s War written by Professor Karen Hunt and volunteers from our Archives Service.

It’s a fascinating insight with personal stories about ordinary people and how they were fighting their own battles to feed their families and help keep the war effort going.  It shows us how people managed to survive in a new wartime economy, how they coped to earn a living; how they shopped, cooked and shared food despite increasing food shortages and a rocketing cost of living. This is also when we saw for the first time, the introduction of food rationing, which was invented in local communities.

The project has taken two years with a huge amount of input from our volunteers, You can find out more about Staffordshire’s War by watching this short video.  And, if you’re looking for that last minute stocking filler for someone who enjoys their local history or the Great War, Staffordshire War is available from Amberley Press, £14.99.


Merry Christmas, Philip.

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