Setting out our budget

This week we set out our budget plans for the next five years which will see a record spending of £310 million on care for the elderly, more support for children in care and further work to grow our economy. 

The increasing costs of care for our growing ageing population continues to be our biggest pressure, as we still have to tackle a £12 million shortfall to balance the books next year. And, as we move to become self-financing due to the loss of Government grants It’s vital we continue to grow the economy, attract and support more companies to do business here and encourage more house building.

“We have already reduced the running costs of the county council by £195 million over the past eight years.  Alongside this, our work to grow the local economy has already brought in almost £400 million of investment and once complete it will see the creation of over 13,000 jobs. We will continue to do everything we can to both make sure we build on this achievement, but also continue to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

It’s a challenging budget. Although nobody likes to pay more taxes Staffordshire has had one of the lowest county council taxes in England – and still does.  With a growing, ageing population to support we all have to now pay a little more and this includes a 3 per cent rise allowed by Government to help towards social care.  That means an increase of 4.95% which is just over £1 per week on a band D property.

The proposals will now go to cabinet on December 20, scrutiny in the New Year and Full Council in February.


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