Gritting crews working round the clock

Having been working round the clock since Friday to tackle sub-zero temperatures and snow, our gritting crews are continuing their work to keep the roads clear. And, while we’re not expecting more snow, the freezing temperatures are set to continue which means there’s still a risk on some ice on the roads and on the footpaths, so please take extra care.  If you are on the roads please drive to the conditions, slow down and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front.

Remember about your older neighbours too and to check them to see if they are safe and well.  It’s a long time since we have seen temperatures as low as this and we know that this can be serious for some older and more vulnerable people.  Drop round and say hello.  If we all play our part and look out for our neighbours we’ll get through the cold snap.

We’ve also seen a lot of schools closed today because of the ice but just a reminder that you can get an up to date list on school closures on our website at and searching for ‘school closure list’.  Schools should update the closure list once the head teacher has taken the decision so parents ought to check regularly.

Again, if you’re out, take care.

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