Celebrating Volunteers’ Week

VIDEO: How ‘Leek Food Co-op’ is Helping people lead healthier and happier lives

Throughout this week we have been recognising and celebrating the contributions of the thousands of volunteers helping out across the county to make Staffordshire a great place to live.

We will all know people who work tirelessly, giving up their time working with voluntary organisations, groups and charities to help improve the lives of others.  Well, National Volunteers’ Week, is when we put these selfless individuals in the spotlight and thank them for the great work they do.

Whether it’s helping out at a local sports group, youth club, library or children’s centre, or simply supporting those people in communities that are  most in need –  elderly, young people,  and children and families it all makes an amazing difference.

There are some amazing examples happening right across the county, such as the ‘Leek Food Co-op’  project which is helping people live healthier lives by providing families with bags of fresh fruit and veg.  We have over 800 people volunteering in our libraries and in our children’s centre’s volunteers are helping support some of the most vulnerable families in our communities.  There are also over 8,000 people volunteering in youth groups, of which over 1,500 are young people aged under 18 which is very encouraging to see.

But volunteering is not only great for those receiving the help, it can also greatly benefit the people who give up their time too. Whether it is learning new skills, keeping active, improving mental health and wellbeing, or simply meeting new people, volunteering can have real benefits.

There are lots of volunteering opportunities available and we are working closely with our partners in the sector to make sure volunteers get the support they need.  Anyone interested in getting started with volunteering and exploring flexible opportunities that suit their lifestyle can visit www.staffordshire.gov.uk/volunteering

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